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Post  xiaofeifei on Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:23 pm

Developing virtues in a child has to be a constant effort from parents.bolso louis vuitton , Parents automatically get into the mode of instilling values in the child.klokker , Children usually love moral stories and other fairy tales which is a wonderful way to bond with the child and also explain to them about the way of life.mbt shoes , Logical explanations are loved by children but as parents we seldom do realize that kids are able to understand in detail. Using words like on? can be very harsh for the child and it works on their psychology.

Valor is a great virtue which can be enumerated in simple things like making them brave when the lights go off or also trying out a new sport. It is always better to display a positive self in front of kids since we are their favorite role models. As parents our responsibility is to give them an environment that will build their personality in a positive way. In case there are arguments in front of children during unavoidable circumstances or the child gets exposed to an external influence, then they have a right to seek an explanation.

Sincerity is a virtue that determines the success of an individual. The easiest method to cultivate sincerity is to have regular sleep times and routines. Kids understand the need to be punctual and also help you in doing things systematically. Homework are the best way to make them sincere towards studies and minimizing distractions will keep them focused.

Honesty is a very difficult virtue to instill in young minds. All children like to be creative with their explanations and fabricate things. Though reprimanding them is not a solution, just try to explain to them that lying is bad. The best time to instill values is during the bed time i. e. just before they sleep. This is the best time to stimulate their absorbing skills and they like it too.

Other important virtues are kindness, cleanliness and helpfulness. Helping is a virtue that is very fulfilling. Let them help you to weed the garden, arrange dishes and keep their school bag organized. Let them understand the concept of cooperation. It is perfectly fine to apologize to your child in case you have been rude. This is a healthy environment and children nourish these moral virtues.


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