That is why breathability

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That is why breathability

Post  liusanjie on Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:12 am

BreathableThis is a good quality to look for this in all garments. Without a doubt,
moncler jackor the most waterproof, windproof thing you can wear is a plastic bag but you would find that this is very uncomfortable. That is why breathability is
ugg rotterdam so important. Do not buy a garment unless the label reads that it is breathable. If your garment does not breathe, the moisture you generate as you play will chill you. Remember, as the waterproof qualities of a garment goes up, the breathability generally goes down (GoreTex is very waterproof, but has a lower breathability), so buy for the type of weather you are facing. Also, the reason for the high expense of waterproof and highly breathable garments is the quality of the coating or laminate, which is
rolex usually worth the price in the long run when you finish a day on the fairway dry and comfortable.

Seam-SealedTo make a garment totally waterproof, the seams must be gucci sealed with special waterproof tape or a rolling process that takes more time and attention to detail. In most cases, seam taping is done by hand, so this makes for a more expensive garment, but if you regularly play in bad weather you might find that it is well worth it the cost. Full seam-sealing means every inch of stitching is covered by tape.


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