The Parker 51 Fountain Pen

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The Parker 51 Fountain Pen

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The Parker 51 fountain pen is regarded by instead a montblanc ballpoint pen few for getting a design traditional as well as an awesome offer sought shortly after by collectors of fountain pens.

The Parker 51 was very first produced in montblanc stylo À encre 1941 as well as the Aerometric ink filling mechanism was released within previous due 1940s.

It stayed in production best up toward the 1970s and boasted a hooded nib and multi finned ink collector.

So, how can you day a Parker 51 granted that it has spanned the decades?

You will find out that 1941 designs mont blanc rollerball pens have imitation jewels for the pen hat and barrel end. The great vast majority of 1941 designs experienced an engraving near to the finish off belonging toward the hat barrel. If that is not present and there are two jewels as indicated previously then it may possibly be dated among the 1942 and 1946.

The 1950s product may possibly be identified over the numerous pens within sequence for example the Dime, the 51 Special,the Flighter, Presidential, Signet etc.

1960s Parker 51s have brightly colored plastic montblanc ingrid bergman material barrels and caps and Parker 51s utilizing ink cartridges may possibly be dated toward the 1970s.

In 2002 Parker released the Parker 51 unique edition. This montblanc marlene dietrich sequence of pens was a limited edition and featured two tone vermeil hat and an 18 karat gold hooded nib.

The filling edition within unique Edition may possibly be considered a twist movement refillable mechanism receiving a twin channeled ink feed.

The Parker Duofold Fountain Pen

One belonging toward one of the most favored pens within Parker fountain pen assortment lower by means of the many years is becoming the Duofold. The Duofold was very first released within 1920s and one of it's unique advertising features was that it absolutely was developed from an unbreakable Permanite which was a sort of plastic material developed by DuPont for that Parker pen company.

The Duofold was the major cause for Parker getting catapulted into industry authority and in to the hearts of Americans. among the the major features belonging toward the Duofold from an aesthetic viewpoint was that it absolutely was supplied in bold two tone colours which was a producer new departure for fountain pen buyers.


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